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The WHY behind the creation of Limitless Physical Therapy

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

My name is Jason Gubler I have been a Doctor of Physical Therapy since May 2016. I spent the first 5-6 years of my career working in outpatient orthopedic physical therapy. After a couple of years in this setting I began to have neck pain of my own. I tried treating myself with the traditional treatment I was using on my patients at that time. Unfortunately, my pain became worse. Over the course of a couple of years my pain continued to worsen, until I was having a hard time working with patients, as just holding their arm was causing sharp pains in my neck. At this point I knew something was missing from my skill set and my ability to treat and help other people as well as myself. I started my search, as I knew I needed something different, and I needed it soon otherwise I may not be able to continue working in this career I had spent years of schooling to get into.

Finding Muscle Activation

With my disabling pain I was referred to a chiropractor who performed muscle activation on me. Within a couple of appointments I saw a tremendous difference to my symptoms. I immediately started to look for a program where I could learn muscle activation as I knew this was an important missing piece to my practice.

Seeing the Results

As I started learning the skill of muscle activation and began treating patients with this new technique, I found that my patients were getting out of pain quicker. I also found traditional physical therapy or rehabilitative exercises to be more effective, as they were no longer compensating with other muscles to do the job of the muscle that was previously inactive. I was blown away as grown men cried as they would stand up after one treatment, and report they were pain free for the first time in 12 years. I was amazed as patients, who presented with significant limitations to their shoulder range of motion (ROM), prior to treatment, would immediately have equal ROM compared to the non-injured side after treatment. These rapid, life changing results kept coming. I soon found myself wanting to offer this treatment to all my patients; however, with the high quantity of patients in traditional outpatient physical therapy I was left wondering how I could best use this amazing technique in the most productive way.

My Why

This quickly led to my realization that there is a better way to do therapy than what I was currently offering. I decided I wanted to create an environment where I could focus one-on-one with my patients, as to give them the best treatment I knew how, so they could achieve their goals in the shortest time possible. This led to the creation of Limitless Physical Therapy. Where we are dedicated to helping people break the chains of their current limitations and pain through noninvasive treatment; so they can live active, successful, healthy lives.

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